• MK6
  • Super Etendard

Detailed description

This ejection seat is a Mk4 with a rocket motor

Fitted in Super Etendard and Mirage

Seat with a rocket motor giving a zero/zero ejection capability

This seat is equipped with two firing handles,

  • the upper one includes a face screen to protect the pilot;
  • the second one located between the legs; called auxiliary firing handle is used when the acceleration is too high.

The seat is equipped :

  • drogue parachutes ‘duplex’ packed in a container
  • main parachute packed in a horse shoe shaped container
  • a Harness tension regulator.
  • a leg restraining system
  • a rocket motor and it ignition system
  • a rigid personal survival pack

Technical data sheet

Ejection range up to 600 Kts

Acceleration of a fully equipped pilot (85kg) < 19g

Ejection gun with three telescopic tubes

Adjustment of the seat pan with or without an actuator

Automatic seat/man separation (redundancy with or without snubber system)

Pilot parachute: Irvin, Diameter 7.3 m

Direct firing unit (no delay)

Drogue gun: 0.5 sec.

Barosctatic time release unit: 2 sec.

Altitude setting 12000 /14000 ft

No g controller restriction

Weight of the armed seat + personal survival pack: 84 Kg

Scheduled maintenance:

  • Yearly visit
  • General mechanism servicing every 5 years
  • General seat servicing every 12 years

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