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Detailed description

This is a high tech ejection seat especially designed for new generation fighter.

Seat with two rocket motors giving a zero/zero ejection capability, the first one is installed under the seat and the second one on the lateral side.

Fitted in Rafale

The Mk16 is equipped with a lower firing handle which fires the pyrotechnic system and:

  • canopy pyrotechnic cutting system.
  • Harness power retraction unit
  • Ejection
  • The twin seater sequencer

It is equipped with a mechanical sequencer:

  • A mechanical mode selector
  • A barostatic time release unit

Main and stabilisation parachutes are both packed  in containers.

The seat is also equipped with an emergency oxygen bottle + an on-board oxygen generation system (OBOGS) and a nuclear, bacteriological and chemical filter system (NBC).

Its design improves all the aircraft seat installation and removal with an auto connector which includes aircrew service package.

The seat is equipped with an Arm and passive leg restraining system.

Technical data sheet

Acceleration of a fully equipped pilot (85kg) < 16g

Ejection through the weakened canopy or not

Harness power retraction unit

Adjustment of the seat pan with an actuator

Pilot parachute GQ5000, Diameter 6.5 m

Personal Survival Pack with an Automatic Deployment Unit with a selector (ADU)

One under-seat rocket motor and one lateral thrust rocket motor.

Pyrotechnic deployment of the parachutes

Four points Drogue stabilisation parachute pack

Security lock system

Weight of the armed seat + personal survival pack: 97 Kg

Mechanical mode selector:

  • Time delay 0.4s.
  • Maximum altitude seat/man separation: 7500ft
  • Maximum speed seat/man separation: 260 Kts
  • G controller restriction: 4.5G

Barosctatic time release unit: timing

  • Time delay 1.15 sec.
  • Altitude setting 16400 /19400 ft
  • G controller restriction: 3G at 7500ft

Scheduled maintenance:

  • 2 yearly servicing
  • 6 yearly servicing

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