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"For the second time, SEM MB saved my life!"

On May 12, 2014, I was again forced to pull the handle of my Mk10 ... Everything was, again, nominal and I I was able to find my familly as soon as possible! Thank you all at SEM MB! A third life that begins ... "

N° Tie Club : 5673

I ejected on 30.01.1987 on the MK4 seat, from a Mirage F1 EQ2 aircraft during the Iran-Iraq war 1980-1988. I eject at 150 m altitude and a speed of 550 km / h on the return road after the execution of our mission. I was hit in the right tank by the DSA because I was at very low altitude. Following the ejection I had two compressions of the lumbar discs between vertebrae 3-4 and 4-5 because I did not have time to open my package and my impact speed was too violent with 30 Kg more. I always say: Thanks Martin Baker for giving me a new life even though I spent the first 4 years in captivity in Iran. Thank you again for this gift.

N° TIE CLUB: 5580

First flight on Etendard IV M !! A fin of the compressor who stands out.... what a baptism !! Always hale and hearty !!

N ° TIE CLUB: 901



Soon 2 years! And yes it passes quickly, it is almost 2 years since my seat extracted me from an Alphajet which badly digested birds. Thanks to SEM MB who saved my life.

N° Tie Club: 5927

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