• MkF10LN
  • Alpha Jet

This is a light version of the Mk10 ejection seat.

Seat with a rocket motor giving a zero/zero ejection capability with no conditions of speed and altitude fitted in Alpha Jet.

It replaces the ballistic Mk4 ejection seat initially installed in Alpha Jet

The ejection is triggered by pulling the firing ejection handle located between the legs.

The Mk10 is a modular ejection seat:

  • Ejection gun module
  • Headbox module which contains the main and the stabilisation  parachutes fixed to the harness and packed in a headbox container
  • Seat pan module:
    • The firing handle
    • The leg restraining system
    • The manual override system
  • Main beam module
    • Harness power retraction unit
    • Drogue gun
    • Barostatic time release unit
    • Remote rocket initiator
  • Personal Survival Pack

Technical data sheet

Ejection range up to 550 Kts (performance of Alpha Jet)

Acceleration of a fully equipped pilot (85kg) < 16g

Ejection through the weakened canopy or not

One rocket motor

Harness power retraction unit

Ejection gun with three telescopic tubes

Adjustment of the seat pan with an actuator

Pilot parachute GQ1000, Diameter 5.2 m

Parachutes packed in the headbox container

The twin seater aircraft is not equipped with a seat sequencer

Weight of the armed seat + personal survival pack: 87 Kg

Drogue gun: 0.5 sec.

Barostatic time release unit: 1.5 sec.

Altitude setting 16400 /19400 ft

G controller restriction: 2.5G

Scheduled maintenance:

  • 2 yearly servicing
  • 6 yearly servicing

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